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Netzwerkgruppe: Bilingual CLIL Science Education Cooperations

Bilingual Science Education Cooperation
 for students with
professional science and technology partners all over Germany, Europe,
... and beyond.



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>> 2017 Exhibition STEM+ for Sustainability and Peace

 Be it as a science teacher, scientist, engineer, or any professional engaged in the field of science and technology: Contact us now! For pupils, teachers and other professionals alike, there are galaxies to learn from and to understand about interesting people and challenging science and technology perspectives complementary to our own realities.

  • In the course of a Bilingual Science Cooperation, regional partners arrange regular personal or online meetings
    of students with "their" scientist in the neighbourhood.

  • Other partners are empowered to bridge even the vastest spatial gaps using a range of online collaboration tools available on this platform.

  • Near or far, sharing with others your World of Science, ideas and projects, routines as well as highlights,  will be as fascinating and enriching for you as for your counterpart.

Our members are eager to know what your science or technology cooperation interests might be. To establish meaningful, successful and sustainable matches, any validated applicant will be given access to the online environment, including the data of science cooperation partners available at that time. Cooperation guidance, trainings and reports will also be communicated, or directly available online, here.


To allow all participants to communicate safely - which is a guaranteed precondition of any of our cooperations - , we ask you to  register with the State of  Hesse education online community.

  • To gain personal access to the safe environments of the Bilingual Science Cooperations platform, send us your general  starter E-MAIL  or a specific workshop registration, both of which must include your full name and e-mail, and the public or private institution you belong to with its full postal address and e-mail.

  • Please include your professional field/s and qualifications. It has also proven useful for future partners if you specify the topic and type of bilingual science cooperation you are interested in, the age of the students you have in mind, and any cooperation experience you have made in the past.

  • You will be asked to verify your identity and institution, either via fax or in person during a meeting or workshop.

See you here soon?

>>  Share   y o u r   World of Science   -    now  <<


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